Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mushroom Macros (Cellphone Shots)

Recently I've talked myself into a jogging plan. So pretty much, I want to loose some weight before summer gets here because my friend and I are planning a beach day sometime during summer and I don't want to look too fat in my swimsuit. Anyways I pretty much ran out of water when I got to my local park today and the drinking fountains hasn't been turned back on yet due to the risk of freeze damage.

On my walk home, I spotted this mushroom on the ground. I decided to get a macro shot of it with my cellphone. I doubt I can do this kind of photo with my DSLR as the physical size would prevent me from getting it that close to the ground to get a side on shot of the mushroom. One thing cellphones are great for right? :) I spotted a few more mushrooms on my walk home but no matter how I tapped on the camera app to make it focus on the mushroom, it kept back focusing on me so I gave up after about 10 tries to get it to focus. Anyways I only ended up with these 2 photos of the mushroom. Photo from Pleasanton Tennis & Community Park in Pleasanton, CA.

As for other news, where have I been all this time? It has been raining a lot this year, probably due to the El Ninõ so I've just been home a lot (and also hanging out with friends because it is winter break). I have been out for a few photos around Pleasanton, but not enough that I'd pull the photos out of my camera and process them. I do have photo trips to a few spots in San Francisco planned so there is that! Expect new photos to come onto the blog in a couple of weeks so please don't forget to keep checking back!

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Anker Selfie Stick Review (Video)

I review the Anker Selfie Stick (with Bluetooth shutter release button). It is a pretty good product if you have a regular sized (non-phablet) phone. 

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