Monday, May 30, 2011

Why I haven't been posting recently...

Hey guys, I'm really sorry, but my photos and posts will be delayed for several weeks. I recently moved to a new place and there is a lot of work on the house. I generally process my photos on my other computer, which I can not set up now as my new house lacks furniture and we plan on doing hardwood flooring. I just want to keep you guys kind of up to date on why I'm not posting these few weeks. Once I can set up my other computer, I will begin processing my pictures for posting. :)

Now that I let you guys know the bad news on why my posts and photos are delayed, let me tell you what will be coming up on this blog. So right now I got more flower pictures, squirrel pictures, animal pictures, and even pictures of baby robins! They are very cute. :D

Apparently, I got 2 bird nests in my backyard at my new place, one of them is a robin nest. There were 2 babies inside and I took a lot of pictures. They are very cute. So please, come back and check if I have posted them! Well the babies already left the nest. So yeah.. And I also made one mistake. I actually took a few pictures with my phone. When I climbed up to take the picture, apparently the baby got scared and flew out. She (I'm guessing it's a she.) couldn't really fly yet. The baby ran fast! I caught her at the other end of my yard and put her back in the nest. I don't think the parents abandoned them anyways. That afternoon, I saw the parents trying to teach her how to fly. Which was really cute too.