Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Youtube Korean Music Wave

There was a Kpop concert at Shoreline Park in Mountain View to celebrate the long term partnership between MBC, Youtube, and Google. I was lucky enough (with 5 of my friends) to go because I know an employee. :) Here are some photos I took at the concert (even though it was prohibited). Everyone was doing it. LOL The staff didn't allow the use of DSLRs so I took these with my Galaxy Nexus. I hope you enjoy the photos. Super Junior, FX, TVXQ, MBLAQ, Wonder Girls, Girls' Generation, KARA, BEAST, and SISTAR all performed at the concert. Before going, the only 2 groups I knew was Super Junior and Girl's Generation. LOL

Long lines outside of Shoreline Park. We were slightly late because my friends got out of school at 3 and we had to drive there. I know a few of my other friends ditched school and went there in the morning. LOL A lot of people did that yesterday. I heard people starting lining up the night before. 

A lot of people inside.  

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There is the stage. 

See the grass area in the back? I saw in that area. LOL I was late waiting for my friends. XD 

I think this was the short intro by the Wonder Girls. I have horrible memory. LOL Correct me if I'm wrong.  

The narrators/translators for the concert.  


I used my friends ghetto trick of lining binoculars up to the phone's camera. LOL :P It works! 

I forgot what group this was. 

I think this was BEAST. 

 Girls' Generation. :DD

 Super Junior - Sorry Sorry. This was my most favorite performance yesterday night. :D I love Super Junior. They are so cute! ^_^

I think this was TVXQ.

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