Friday, July 13, 2012

Zeikos Remote Shutter Release for Canon Review (Video)

This is the Zeikos Remote Shutter Release for Canon. This remote is for the 3 pin connector type cameras, not for the headphone jack type cameras. I find this remote very useful for keeping my camera still for landscape, portrait, and macro photography. Like the Canon remote, this remote has a button locking feature for Bulb exposures. The only difference between the Canon remote and this one is that this remote only costs around 1/8 (estimate) the price of a Canon remote. The Canon remote is made of the same cheap plastic this is made of, so don't be fooled!

Some of the compatible cameras:
  • 5D Series
  • 7D Series
  • 1D Series
  • 50D Series
  • Other "3-pin" type connectors or use the Canon RS-80N3
  • 3 feet Cord
  • Button Lock (Bulb)
  • 2 Step Button (Focus/Shutter Release)
  • Cost around $5 compared to Canon's $40
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