Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Canon EOS 7D 2.0.X Firmware Upgrade

If you are keeping up with the latest Canon news, you will know that Canon has recently released the new 2.0.X firmware for the Canon EOS 7D. The new upgrade gives lucky Canon EOS 7D owners:
  • Higher maximum burst rate
  • The option to set a maximum for ISO Auto all the way up to ISO 6400 (starting limit is from ISO 400)
  • Partial compatibility with the new Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2
  • Manual audio level adjustment during video shooting and during review
  • In-camera RAW image processing and converting
  • In-camera image resize
  • In-camera image rating
  • Faster scrolling of magnified images
  • Custom photo file names
  • Time-zone and Daylight savings options
If you own a Canon EOS 7D, you can go ahead and find the new firmware update here. The instructions for installing the firmware is included in the ZIP file. Make sure you have a full battery or use the AC adapter for the camera. Also remember not to touch anything on your camera especially the power switch, battery compartment, and the CF card door during the update!