Friday, October 24, 2014

Partial Solar Eclipse 10-23-2014 - Pleasanton, CA

There was a partial solar eclipse yesterday on 10/23/2014. I shot these photos of the partial solar eclipse from my front yard in Pleasanton, CA. I shot these photos at 300mm with two ND filters (5 stop + 9 stop) and a polarizer as layers of protection. I hope you enjoy viewing these photos. If you look closely, you can see some of the sunspots in my photos.

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 3:01 PM

 3:05 PM

3:09 PM 

 3:12 PM

3:15 PM 
Maximum coverage during this partial solar eclipse. About 40% of sun is covered.  

 3:16 PM

3:18 PM 

 3:21 PM

 3:24 PM

3:30 PM 

3:35 PM 

 3:44 PM

3:55 PM 

4:17 PM 

4:24 PM 

 4:30 PM

4:31 PM 

4:31 PM 

4:31 PM 

4:32 PM

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