Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Arroyo Del Valle After Rainstorm - Pleasanton, CA (12-12-2014)

On 12/11/2014, the San Francisco Bay Area experienced a huge rainstorm. While great for the severe drought conditions occurring in California, the storm took many by surprise, and flooded many areas. Where I live (Pleasanton, CA) wasn't so much affected by the flooding, however many other areas in the San Francisco Bay Areas got flooded like crazy!

Behind my house is a tiny creek called the Arroyo Del Valle ("valley stream" in Spanish). You may have seen this creek in my past blog posts from Arroyo Del Valle Trail or mistakenly just labeled Pleasanton Trail before that. This creek is usually dry or have a tiny stream of water flowing through it. Today, I am here to show you the aftermaths on this creek from the storm with photos I shot on 12/12/2014). SPOILER ALERT! The creek turned into a full blown river! I've also included some funny things to go along with this blog post, so make sure you read the captions under the photos. :)

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A quick shot of the stream while I walked over the to the trail that takes you down to the stream.  

Here is a photo of the stream shot from the bridge on Division Street.  

 A black and white process of the photo above. 

Now at the trail. Walked onto a bridge that crosses the stream. I'm glad it didn't get high enough to flood that. I wouldn't been able to get the photos from the best angle on this trail if it did. LOL 

Here is a photo of the scene behind me from scene above. As you can see, the flow of the water is pretty fast. If the bridge was flooded, no way I could have walked into the middle of this water. Not that I would try. The water was way too murky for my comfort too. The stream is usually a lot more clear than this, but due to the amount of rain, a lot of debris must have gotten into the water. 

 Here is another long exposure of the stream. I didn't use any filters on these photos except a B+W polarizer. The trees did a good job blocking out just enough light for a fairly long exposure to run. 

 Another photo shot on the other side of the bridge. 

Here is another photo of the stream further down the trail. You can probably see why I said the spot above had the best angle of the stream on this trail.  

 Another photo from the spot above with a slightly different composition. You know what is funny? A week before this storm, I was looking at my Yosemite National Park photos, and kept saying to myself, "I so wish a river is closer to my house. I love taking long exposures of rivers." Looks like wish granted! Be careful of what you wish for. 

Another photo shot of the stream even further down the trail.  

Another photo of the stream.  

Now I get to the train tracks that crosses the trail. I shot this right under the tracks. As you can see, the stream was going as strong as a river. My original plan was walk to downtown after this photo shoot (which is like 2-3 minutes from this spot) and get pizza, but the trail after this point got flooded, and I had to turn back on an empty stomach (sad face). I know this is doing good for the drought, but the trail getting flooded was my biggest disappointment that day. ROFL 

A black and white process of the photo above. 

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