Monday, December 28, 2015

Autumn & Winter in Pleasanton/Sunol, CA (2015)

Pleasanton and Sunol, CA has recently been through autumn and now it is winter. I have took some photos around the city and in my backyard of autumn foliage and winter scenery. Sorry about the non-posting these past 2 months. I spent the entire month of November pretty much sick dealing with several flu and cold viruses (and I had no energy to get up). The whole ordeal lead to messing up my sleep cycle for the month of December. Anyways, despite me feeling really really bad, I did actually go out for some photos, but due to my health concerns, it took a lot longer for me to get the photos processed and sorted. Anyways, it is now sorted, and I am here to show them to you! :) I hope you all had a great holiday season and will enjoy these shots. The photos in this blog post are from 11/23, 11/24, 12/3, and 12/11.

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Back lit autumn leaves in Pleasanton, CA. This photo along with the next 3 shots are from 11/23. 

Autumn leaf bokeh from Pleasanton, CA.  

Another autumn leaf bokeh photo.  

 A photo of fallen autumn foliage on the grass. This photo was shot at Hansen Park in Pleasanton, CA. 

More autumn foliage photo from Pleasanton, CA. This photo and the next two photos are shot on 11/24. 

A photo shot down a street in Pleasanton, CA of a few rows of autumn trees.  

 A photo of autumn foliage in Sunol, CA. 

After a super windy night in Pleasanton, CA, a bunch of autumn foliage landed in my backyard pool. As much as it was a pain in the butt to clean up the pool after this storm, the leaves floating on the pool did make a great subject for photography. The photos of the leaves floating on my pool was shot on 12/3. 

I noticed a red leaf that was isolated in the pool. I thought it would make a cool subject.  

Black and white process of the photo above. 

I then decided to try a shot with some leaves that was more isolated instead of all piled up.  

 Black and white process of the photo above. 

A photo of autumn foliage/winter scenery from a residential neighborhood in Pleasanton, CA. The rest of the photos in this blog post is taken on 12/11. 

Black and white process of the photo above.  

An autumn foliage/winter scenery shot from Hansen Park in Pleasanton, CA.  

 Black and white process of the photo above. 

What is left of autumn foliage on a tree in Hansen Park in Pleasanton, CA.  

An autumn foliage/winter scenery shot down a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood in Pleasanton, CA.  

Black and white process of the photo above. 

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