Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2nd DJI Phantom 3 Professional Flight - February Vlog

That is right guys! I recently got a UAV for aerial photography, videography, and also for flying around for fun. Hopefully this machine will help me take some great photos and videos from a new perspective. This vlog was shot on 2/29/2016. This was the second flight I have ever done on any UAV so I really apologize for the lack of quality in the smoothness of the video and in exposure. I was mainly just flying it for fun and to get some practice flying this thing for the video, so I shot the video without any goal in mind. The park I filmed at is called Pleasanton Sports Park in Pleasanton, CA. I flew there because there are really big grass fields with nothing to crash into.

Blog post from my flight here.

Note: The reason this got published in April now is due how much stuff has been going on in my life. During March, my old computer broke, my wisdom tooth grew out and got infected, and I had to spend time building a new computer. It delayed things by a lot. I still hope you enjoy it though!

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