Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Talk about Orlando + Sunny's Ideal Date - June 2016 Vlog (Part 2)

I was very active during the month of June and recorded a ton of video. I decided to split the videos into 3 parts. Here are the links to the other 2 parts: 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I take you on a walk and talk with me again. Due to the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, I decided to do a talk about the event, criticize a few individuals who showed support for the terrorist's actions, talk about why we should not hate Muslims, and a talk about my religious beliefs. I also talk about why I love summer, how I am doing after my wisdom teeth removal, my ideal first date, and some other stuff.

In this vlog:
  • Come with Sunny on a walk through Pleasanton Tennis & Community Park. 
  • Talk about summer and dresses. 
  • What I've been doing in my life and how I am recovering from the wisdom teeth removal. 
  • My progress on my photos. 
  • Talk about the terrorist attack in Orlando. 
  • Talk about my biologically intersexed state. 
  • Criticize individuals who showed support for the terrorist's actions. 
  • A talk about why we should not hate Muslims and my agnostic religious beliefs. 
  • Talk about a guy driving by whistling at me, my friend Shaye, and my ideal first date. 
  • Show you my favorite short dress. 
Warning: Hateful, rude, anti-LGBT comments will be deleted, and you may be banned from my channel.

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