Thursday, September 8, 2016

Redwood Regional Park (Oakland, CA) - August 2016 Vlog (Part 2)

I've done quite a lot of traveling in the month of August. I visited places such as Mt. Tamalpais, Shark Fin Cove, Half Moon Bay, and Big Basin. I have separated the video clips I shot through out the month of August into 3 parts. Links to the other 2 parts Part 1 | Part 3 ).

In part 2, I show you my new Anker gear, new Swiss Army knife, and for the most part scenery from Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA. While at Redwood Regional Park, I also show you a method of how I cool off on a hot day during a hike.

In this vlog:
  • I show you my new Anker cable and Swiss Army knife.
  • Scenery from Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA from several of my trips. Come see the tall Coast Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens).
  • I show you some of my camera equipment.
  • See me pour water all over my head and body as I try to cool down on a hot day.
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