Friday, November 17, 2017

Cars Running Stop Signs - October 2017 Vlog (Extra)

I ended up shooting a lot of video for the month of October. My vlog was split into 2 parts with 2 special extras. This part is the special extra of cars running stop signs.
Berg The Bunny (Part 1)
North Bay Fire Smoke & Travels (Part 2)
Hilarious Bunny Moment (Extra)

On October 11th, 2017, I was out at Pleasanton Tennis & Community Park in Pleasanton, CA documenting the North Bay fire smoke drifting into the city for my monthly video blog.

While editing, I noticed I recorded a car that ran a stop sign. Upon further inspection, I noticed in the background a few other cars did the same thing, but I obviously can't see their license plate.

The license plate I can see is: 7YQG741 (California)

There are usually a lot of kids at this park and this is a residential neighborhood. Respect the traffic laws. I almost got hit once crossing the crosswalk you see in the background because someone ran the stop sign. I believe this is justifiable shaming. I hope Pleasanton Police sees this.

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