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Yang Ming Shan National Park (阳明山国家公园)/Mao Kong Gondola (猫空缆车) - Taiwan (台湾) 2011 (Part 4)

Last year, I made my first visit to Taiwan. I was very busy after I got back and never got a chance to look through them and pick out the photos I'm going to post. I finally took out enough time to finish, so... Here they are! I did not take many photo there as the tropical weather made me very sick. I will be splitting them into a total of 8 parts. I hope you enjoy them!


Taiwan is an island country east of China. The country is about 13,974 square miles. The currency used in the country is New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). Most people in Taiwan use Traditional Chinese characters. Chinese is the main spoken language in Taiwan, but a lot people in big cities with many tourists do speak English.

Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos or buy prints of any of the photos you see, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. To see my best Taiwan photos, use this link. To see all of my Taiwan photos from this trip, use this link.

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Today, I got the rest of the photos from Yang Ming Shan National Park (阳明山国家公园), National Palace Museum (国立故宫博物院), and photos from the Mao Kong Gondola (猫空缆车).


Continuing the steam vent photos from the last post

Here is the hot springs I was talking about in my last post. This is the outdoor hot spring. They also got an indoor one right next to it (not in the picture). From what I've heard, the water is very good for you and is believed to cure certain medical conditions. 

I have never seen this bird in the US before, that's why I took a photo. I will need your help with the name as I only have a North America bird guide and I doubt it will help me with tropical birds. LOL If you know the name, tell me in a comment below! Thanks!

These cricket like things was making a lot of chirping sounds all through the park. I forgot the name. 

This was a photo of the entrance of the National Palace Museum (国立故宫博物院). No photography was allowed inside, so this is the only photo I have. National Palace Museum is also a tourist attraction in Taipei. It is an art museum and contains a lot of ancient works of art. I highly recommend you go check it out if you visit Taiwan. 

Landscape shot of Taipei.

The blue building is Taipei 101. 

Outside the entrance of the Mao Kong Gondola (猫空缆车). The Mao Kong Gondola is also a tourist attraction in Taipei. 

Inside the Mao Kong Gondola, there are 2 different Gondolas. At the time of visiting, the prices were the same for the ride, it's just that you need to wait if you want the special "Eyes of Mao Kong". 

The difference between the regular gondola ride and the "Eyes of Mao Kong" is that the "Eyes of Mao Kong" has a glass bottom allowing you to see through. I went for the "Eyes of Mao Kong". 

Photo of gondola ride. This is going up hill. 

Now down hill. 

There is Taipei 101 in the distance.

Another shot of the gondola ride. 

This is a picture of the view under the bottom. Not that good of a view... Maybe because the glass is thick and is dirty. 

This photo reminds me of Pokemon Emerald for some reason. LOL

View of Taipei. 

Another shot of the gondola ride. 

Thanks for looking. That is all for this post. Next time, I have the rest of the gondola photos and photos of the view from the top of Taipei 101! Please check back! Also, please share this blog post with your friends! I hope you have enjoyed it! Also, if you didn't "Like" us on Facebook yet, you can do it here, or in the Facebook box on the top of the right sidebar.

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