Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Twitter and Google+ Pages/Buttons

The newly added Social Networking buttons.

If you are a returning visitor, you may or may not have noticed I have added 3 new buttons right under my Facebook Widget on the top of the right side bar. You may also have noticed I added the title "SUBSCRIBE ME FOR UPDATES" right above the Facebook Widget. I have created a new Twitter page and a new Google+ page dedicated to this blog to better connect with all my fans! So if you have a Twitter or Google+, please follow me on my new pages too.

Another reason I made these 2 new pages is due to the recent changes to Facebook Fan Pages. It's either due to Facebook not selling enough ads or they are just being greedy. Anyways, Facebook decided to not spread your new Fan Page status updates to all of your fans' Facebook feeds. They are only spreading it to some of your fans, and they also made it a lot less noticeable than before. In other words, if you only "liked" me on Facebook, you may not be getting all the updates from me. Facebook thinks by doing this, it will force their Fan Page users to purchase ad space from them. They are wrong! I will just ask my fans to go ahead and follow me on Twitter and Google+. :) I hope you do! (Keep scrolling down there is more updates.)

My new Twitter widget for my new Twitter dedicated to this blog. 

I also updated my past Twitter Update widget to the official one from Twitter. I also changed it to the Twitter account I'm dedicating to this blog. This box is located right under the Popular Posts section in the right sidebar. This way, you can view all my latest updates without even leaving this blog! :)

Which ever Social Networking service you choose to use, I will keep you updated on new posts and other things on all of them. Well, thank you for reading this! Thank you for your support! Also, as always, please don't forget to share my blog posts with your friends, family, and co-workers! :) See you guys next time! New blog post coming soon!