Sunday, June 17, 2012

Arroyo Del Valle Trail HDR Landscapes

These are HDR landscape shots of the (partially dried) stream on the Arroyo Del Valle Trail (the one I usually call Pleasanton Trail). Arroyo Del Valle Trail is located in Pleasanton, CA. It is a very long trail, and one of the entrances is near my house. I exercise and take photos there often. The photos were combined and touched up using Photoshop. The photos were taken at f/22.

Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos or buy prints of any of the photos you see, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. To see my best Pleasanton photos of 2012, use this link. To see all of my Pleasanton photos of 2012, use this link.

View from the bridge towards the direction of Hopyard Road.
This was my best photo that day. the sun was not blocked by a cloud when I took this photo. 

View from the bridge toward Highway 680.

 View from Highway 680 towards Hopyard. You can see the bridge in the distance. 
The lighting in this photo was the worst. :/ The darker area in this photo were really really dark before. That is the power of Photoshop! HAHA Took me an hour to mask and adjusting the lighting to get this result. 

Remember the bridge photos I took last time? You can see them in this blog post. Anyways, I thought it would be nice to experiment with HDR photography, and the scenery on the trail is great. So this is all the photos for today. Please share the blog post with your friends and family! I'll see you guys next time.