Thursday, January 31, 2013

Easy $5 Wall Wart (Power Adapter) Cluster Fix (Video)

Photographer? Have a lot of power adapters and battery chargers? As you know hotels usually do not have many open outlets for you to use and with wall warts (power adapters) covering multiple outlets, how are you suppose to use multiple of them at a time? In this video, I provide you with a easy under $5 compact solution in splitting 1 outlet into 4 with enough room for up to 4 wall warts!

Dislaimer: You follow the instructions in the video at your own risk, I will not be responsible for any damages or injuries you get.

Generally a few battery chargers/power outlets will not overload a power outlet, however you should never plug in high current devices (hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc) into an extension cord or power outlet splitter. Also make sure you add up all the wattage ratings on ALL of your adapters and make sure it does not pass the LOWEST allowed wattage on all of your splitters/extension cords.

I got the extension cord and outlet splitter at Walmart in the Hardware Section (I think) where they sell light bulbs. They cost me just right under $5 around $4. I didn't find the same products on Amazon, but I found a few similar to the ones I found at Walmart (they will cost you a bit more than $5 on Amazon). You can find those below.

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