Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Canon "Crap" Service Center in Irvine, CA

UPDATE: Canon has finally repaired my camera after 3 TRIPS to the repair center. Read this article to find out what happened.

I would like to tell you about Canon's "Crap" Service Center in Irvine, CA. As you guys know that a while back I told you that the self cleaning unit on my Canon EOS 5D Mark III is most likely malfunctioning and that my sensor got dirty fast as it isn't shaking any dust off. So I went ahead, contacted Canon about it and they told me to ship it into their service center so they can have a look. While at it, I also told them about the under exposure issue I was having with the camera. Once I got it back, they told me they have adjusted the meter system which was slightly off. Also they said that they did check and adjust my self cleaning unit (pretty much admitting it was malfunctioning) and that they also gave me a sensor clean. Note that the only reason the sensor got so dirty that I had to get it cleaned was because the self cleaning unit was malfunctioning. So I got it back and noticed that their technician left some residue on my lens. I told Canon about it, and they were nice enough to give me a free shipping label to get my camera back in for a reclean, something they didn't do adequately the first time it was in there. I was happy and I sent it back in for a reclean. Funny thing. Once I got it back, not only was my sensor dirtier than when I sent it in (I have photos to prove this), there was also a deep scratch across the Canon logo on the back of the camera, and if it wasn't for my screen protector on the LCD, they would have left a small but deep mark on my LCD too! What kind of "professional service" is this? More like "we have workers who don't give a shit about you". If you need your camera repaired do not ship your camera to the service center in Irvine, CA. It's a joke. Let this be a warning. Do not trust your camera to the service center in Irvine, CA. I have contacted Canon customer support about this. Will update you guys if anything turns up.

Update 6-27-2013:
I got an email back from Canon saying:
"Dear Eric Wu:

We appreciate your continued correspondence regarding EOS 5D Mark III.

I'm sorry to hear the problems you are having with our service center. If you would reply to this email with the previous repair number I will get you a shipping label to get the camera back to us, so we can correct this for you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause having to send it back in, buy we will get this taken care of for you.

We look forward to your reply with the information we have requested regarding your EOS 5D Mark III. Thank you for choosing Canon.


[Name Removed For Privacy]
Technical Support Representative"

Here is what I have to say to that. Do you not hear me of the condition I got my camera back in? You expect me to trust and to ship my camera back to the same service center that "corrected this for you [me]" the first time? How exactly are they going to "correct this for you"? By making another scratch on my camera? Come on Canon, you better have a better solution or I will be spreading this everywhere on the internet.

Update 7-1-2013:
Canon has provided me with a shipping label to get it back to the service center and I just dropped it off at my local UPS store today. The customer support supervisor has also promised that he will request the service center to have a "senior" technician work on my camera and a more thorough quality control check after the repairs before they send it back to me. This has made me feel slightly more reassured which is why I have sent it back. Canon if you are reading this, if you screw up my camera again, you are loosing a customer for good, and I will also be spreading this repair story everywhere on the internet. Don't disappoint me. My blog may look small but I have many many followers elsewhere plus I teach photography. If you guys disappoint me again, I'll be sure to spread this story!

Update 7-8-2013:
Just got an update from Canon's service center. They will spare me a labor charge however wants me to pay $236.62 + tax for replacement parts (most likely due to the scratches) and $15 for shipping. This brings the total charge to $273.18. Are you serious Canon? Your service center put those scratches on my camera! Not me! Definitely will complain and work things out with the customer support because there seems to be no email contact for the service center. This is very unprofessional and unethical Canon!

Update 7-9-2013:
After posting my repair story on Canon's Facebook page yesterday, they removed the post immediately. This morning, Canon private messaged me on Facebook saying that they have readjusted the estimate and removed the charges. I checked the new estimate and it says it will be a free in-warranty repair. Several hours later at 4:22 PM, they have said they have shipped the camera back to me. Canon, if you screwed up my camera again, I will be updating my review on this camera on sites including Amazon and Adorama stating how you guys screwed up my repair a 3rd time. The 2 websites everyone goes to look before they make a purchase. If my camera comes back satisfied, I will be raising my ratings and updating those reviews.  Let's see how it turns out.

Update 7-11-2013:
Just got my camera back from the repair center today (it was the Irvine repair center for all 3 repairs). My camera was wrapped in a bag that said CPS, so Canon Professional Services probably took on this repair as I am a member. While the sensor is not 100% clean, it meets my expectations. The few dust spots left on the sensor are not very visible (from my test shot) until I boosted up the Clarity in Camera RAW. They have also replaced the parts of the camera that they have scratched up free of charge. Now I just have to go replace the screen protector the removed to replace the parts. No biggy, only cost me a few cents anyways. Thank you Canon for fixing my camera up. While having to send my camera into the repair center 3 times is a quite ridiculous, I am happy my camera is finally fixed and can be used again. I can finally go on vacation soon which I had to delay because the camera was in the repair center. Will update here if anything comes up, if not, you will see more photos I take with this camera up on this blog. :)