Friday, June 7, 2013

Fruit Picking in Brentwood, CA

Brentwood, CA has many self pick farms. When the time is right, and the fruits are ripe, many farms open up for you to go in and pick the fruits yourself. A while back, I did just that out in the country side. While I didn't really pick much fruit (my friends and family did most of that), I did take some photos. Here are the photos I took on the trip out in the country side. Most of these photos are from Brentwood or from surrounding cities. I forgot my Canon GP-E2 GPS that day so I don't have exact locations for these shots.

Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos or buy prints of any of the photos you see, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. View my best Brentwood photos here. To see all the photos of my trip, use this link.

The first farm I was at was a cherry farm called "Nunn Better Farms". Here is a shot of some cherries on the tree. 

A few portrait shot of trees at Nunn Better Farms.

In the parking lot of Nunn Better Farms, I spotted a nice shot of an adjacent field. I thought the lines in the field made really great lead-in lines, so I took a few shots from different perspectives. 

After picking cherries my family and friends decided to go to a peach farm to go picking peaches. Not sure what the name is for this farm, but there were some run down buildings there that I thought would make a great shot. Above is a regular shot of one of the buildings. 

I then proceeded to take an HDR composition of the building from a different perspective. 

Photography Tip: HDR compositions are very useful with buildings like this. See how the "dark shadows" in the building are also lit up? You can do this without driving the noise up in the photo when doing this with a multiple exposure HDR composition. Just exposure bracket your shots in camera and then combine them into HDR using Photoshop in post. I enjoy processing them via the 32-bit process because the colors look more natural. 

A few photos of the peaches on the farm. 

A shot of the peach field. I thought the gap between the trees made a great lead in line. Sadly the sky was not very good that day and it started to rain a little bit when I was about to leave. Pretty sure the shot would have been much better on a sunny day. 

A shot of the road and a field adjacent to the farm. A drop of rain actually got on my lens and you can see it on the left. 

This is a shot I took on my way home. This is in Byron, CA of a river. Approximate location of this image was at 37.812242,-121.57854. Thanks Google Maps and Street View! The reason I was able to find the location of this one is because the river is very easy to spot on the map, plus I remembered what street it was. 

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