Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Aerial selfies from my practice drone flight!

I went to Hansen Park in Pleasanton, CA today to practice flying my DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Today, I was practicing my low altitude obstacle avoidance skills (I made sure it is high enough to not hit anyone) and also FPV flying in the event the drone flies out of my line of site. Anyways, there were a few kids playing soccer there (I did my best not to fly over where they were playing, but the park was mostly empty), and all I hear for the whole flight were the following:
  • OMG Is that a drone?
  • Where is the drone?
  • How is she flying that far? Can she even see it? Of course she can, it has a video feed from the camera on board. (I didn't fly it that far even. XD Kids and their imagination...)
  • It looks like it's going crash!!!
  • Holy shit, that thing flies high! It is over the trees! (I flew at the max 120m legal altitude for a tiny bit, so yeah it is pretty high.)
  • Oh wow, she landed that thing back on the tiny landing pad!!
  • And the coaches nearby are like, PLEASE IGNORE THE DRONE!
It was fun hearing them shout at each other over the drone with me being the center of attention. Anyways, towards the end of the flight, I saw from my FPV how nice my hair looked today, so couldn't help but take two selfies with the drone before calling it a day. I'm still learning and practicing how to pilot this thing so when the time comes, I can shoot some really good photos and videos with it. I have no idea if I have mentioned this on the blog yet before, but I do have a short scenery film in mind for Treasure Island sometime in the future. If I want to make smooth videos for that, I still need a lot of practice before it will happen.

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