Friday, May 13, 2016

Augustin Bernal Park (Aerial Photography) - Pleasanton, CA

I've wanted to an aerial photo shoot at Augustin Bernal Park in Pleasanton, CA for quite some time now. I always wanted to get aerial shots of the mountains and scenery shots of the valley. I finally got around to taking my DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter up on the mountain yesterday on 5/12/2016. I would have posted them yesterday, but I also went for a 6 mile hike afterwards which made me practically fall asleep once I lied down in my bed. HAHA I need the exercise though.

Sadly, because I performed a firmware update the day before, it completely wiped my camera settings. I didn't notice it until I finished the photo shoot and I didn't have enough battery power to do a reshoot. The camera ended up taking all of the photos in JPEG and not RAW. They won't look as good as my processed RAW images. I will do another reshoot today. Enough of me rambling on, here are the photos I shot.

Update 5/14/2016: I have posted the photos from my reshoot. You can view them here.

Full Resolution Photos: If you want to see full resolution photos of any of the photos you see here, use the following links. If you wish to purchase prints of any of the photos (other than photos of me), please contact me here. To view my best aerial photos for 2016, use this link. To see all of my aerial photos from this shoot at Augustin Bernal Park, use this link.

View of the valley.

View of the valley. In this photo, you can see Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park and Sunol, CA in this photo on the right. 

View of the peak of the mountain in Augustin Bernal Park. This is usually where I hike up to.  

 View of the valley. 

The view facing down. Can you spot me? Joking, not even I can see where I am standing. I'm probably the size of an ant in this image. 

Here is an aerial selfie that I took after flying down. On the right, you can see my helipad.  

I flew it back up again for a tiny bit for another scenery shot of the valley.

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