Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day Trips, Flight Planning, Intersexed Individuals - May 2016 Vlog

In this vlog, I take you along a few day trips where I took photos and a walk I did where I talk about various things. 

In this vlog:
  • My preparations before an aerial and ground based photo shoot. 
  • Clifton Court Forebay - Byron, CA 
  • Briones Resevoir (East Bay Mud Park) - Orinda, CA
  • A talk about my recently aerial photo and video shoots at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, CA and Discovery Bay, CA. 
  • A walk along the creeks and trails of Pleasanton while I plan how I will do my aerial photo and video shoot here. I also do a talk about trips I want to take, aerial photo and video shoots I want to do, intersexed individuals like myself, LGBT individuals, my cousin potentially visiting me in the US this summer, and why I don't want to visit China anytime soon. 
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