Sunday, June 5, 2016

New Phone, Stuffed Animals, and More! - April/May 2016 Vlog

Here is my vlog from the month of April and May in 2016. The vlog was filled using several different phones as you will see in the video, I managed to break my Motorola Nexus 6.

If you guys are wondering how I made the LEDs in the computer, here is how I did it. Please don't attempt this yourself unless you have some electrical engineering skills and you know what you are doing! A multi-meter is great for checking your work as you go along. Follow these instructions at your own risk. I got a few cheap 10mm LEDs on eBay that runs between 5v to 12v with the leads already soldered to them. I also got a few fan Y-splitters. I cut off the female ends on the Y-splitters and soldered the LEDs on there. I then hooked up all the LEDs on to one of the unused fan ports on my manual fan controller.

In this vlog you will see:
  • New computer parts (opening a lock with a piece of paper)
  • Hooking up an internal optical disk drive via USB. 
  • USB powered desk lamp set up.
  • USB powered fan for the summer. 
  • My Motorola Nexus 6 with a cracked screen and a rant about my bad luck recently. 
  • My new encrypted flash drive that retains the USB cap. (First time I saw something like this.)
  • Powering an LED on a wireless charging pad. An overview of how Qi wireless charging works. 
  • My brand new Huawei Nexus 6P and a talk on how I'm not used to the slightly small screen. 
  • My stuffed animals I have in my room! I have a big Angry Bird pillow and Maple Story plushies. 
  • New pair of yoga pants. 
  • Adding LEDs into my desktop computer to make it look cool. 
  • Hooking up my Blue Yeti Microphone via USB to my Android phone. 
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