Thursday, February 16, 2017

Arroyo Del Valle Creek - Pleasanton, CA (Cellphone Photos)

Today I took a walk down to the Arroyo Del Valle Creek in Pleasanton, CA to check out the flooding from the recent San Francisco Bay Area mega storms. The creek is now a river, a bridge is flooded, and there are many downed trees. I've lived in Pleasanton many years now and I have never seen the creek with this much water before. I took some cellphone photos while there and I am here to share with you guys. I hope you enjoy the photos.

 Two photos of the flooded trail and downed trees.

See the walk way on the other side of the creek? Normally there is a bridge over there that connects the main trail to an exit over there to a residential neighborhood. The bridge is now underwater. As you can see, a lot of trees are partially submerged too.

Another photo of downed trees and partially submerged trees. 

I took another walk at night. Decided to check out some other segments of the creek. You can see more partially submerged trees in this photo. The photo was lit with a Nitecore TM16 Flashlight.

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