Saturday, January 27, 2018

CES Las Vegas Day 2

I attended Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. I went the last 2 days of the convention. I saw quite some cool tech there and met Linus from Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel. I shot video, cellphone photos, and DSLR photos at the event. The photos will be split into several blog posts. Use the links below to navigate.

These are my DSLR photos from day 2, my last day at the convention.

Full Resolution Photos: If you want to see full resolution photos of any of the photos you see here, use the following links. If you wish to purchase prints of any of the photos, please contact me here. To see my best photos from CES 2015 and CES 2018, use this link. To see all of my DSLR photos from the 2018 convention, use this link.

BenjiLock (Fingerprint Padlock) 

Racer Heated Gloves at Racer Gloves Booth.
The company makes battery heated gloves for motorcycle riding and winter sports. Seems like a great company for wilderness photographers if they designed some for photography use. Wilderness photographers like me constantly have to deal with cold hands especially during the winter. It would be cool if they made some heavy duty gloves with finger tips that can be unzipped or folded away temporarily for operating a camera. 

TwinsWheel Logistics Droid (Warehouse Robot)

 A random photo from Eureka Park.

Tapia AI Robot Companion 

The One Smart Piano 

Bio-Key Fingerprint Locks 

Hisense Booth 

 Frame TV (Art Display)
The photo really doesn't do it justice as I was using a really powerful flash. When I was at the convention, I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to walk up and touch it to believe it was a screen and not a real painting. This is really innovative.

Casio G-Shock at Casio Booth
The watch has GPS, solar-assisted recharging, is mud-resistant, and connects to smartphone.

 Zink Zero Ink Camera at Polaroid Booth.

Ultra 8K HDMI Cable using fiber. 

NASA Booth 

 NASA Gecko Gripper at NASA Booth.
This thing can cling to practically any vertical surface with easy. The NASA engineer told me they are planning on using this technology on the ISS and future missions.

Model of a NASA Rover at NASA Booth.
I'm guessing they are going to send this to Mars? 

Model of the Orion SLS (Space Launch System) at NASA Booth.
 Specifications according to NASA's pamphlet: 322 ft tall, weighs 5.75 million pounds, 8.8 million pounds of thrust, and max speed of 22,600 mph. 

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum at DJI Booth. 

Lego DJI Drone at DJI Booth. 

 Black and white process of the photo above.

Emotix Miko Companion Robot 

ZTE Axon M Dual Screen Android Smartphone at ZTE Booth.

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