Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Robin

I have to admit. These photos was actually taken during May of 2011. They got mixed in with my Taiwan photos and I was really busy (and a bit lazy ROFL) so I didn't find time to organize and pick out the ones I was going to post. I finally got the photos from Taiwan all sorted out. Expect them to be posted soon. :) Anyways, today I want to share with you some baby robin photos. Last year, there was this robin that nested in my backyard and I got a really good look at the babies and took some great photos. They are really cute so I hope you enjoy viewing them!

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The photos are of the American Robin (Turdus migratorius)

Here is a photo of the nest.

There was 2 chicks. 

Anyways, continuing my story... Well apparently later I tried to take a photo with my phone, and that scared one of the chicks out... It tried to fly, but apparently fell slowly to the ground. I caught up with it (it managed to run to the other side of my yard!) and put it back in the nest. Nothing bad happened. Later that afternoon I saw the momma bird teaching the one that fell out how to fly. She didn't seem to care I touched her baby. So... and they all returned that night. No abandonment, but they didn't come back to the nest to lay the eggs this year. :( Maybe it was because of me, oh well, I got a bunch of finch nests in my yard. :D I think the robin moved into my neighbor's home, because I see a lot of robins flying around their house now. 

Momma bird back with food?

Yep she had food. LOL Bird butt...

The baby chick looking at me. The photos aren't in order. The first 3 photos was taken with my cellphone. I obviously couldn't fit my DSLR up in that little space. One benefit for tiny cameras. The rest was done with my Olympus (my old DSLR). 

Anyways, you would be surprised at how much finch and sparrow nest in my yard. I see them in my front yard and backyard everyday. I guess they love the free food. ROFL I usually leave my parakeets outside during the day time, and boy do the wild birds love coming for the spilled food. My parakeets probably spill half of what I put in. 

Both of them are looking at me now. ^_^ Cute

This what the robin did after I put it back into the nest. I guess it was scared.

Momma bird teaching him/her how to fly. 

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these cute photos. I'll try to get more baby bird photos if I can. There is a finch nest in my yard I can see very well, however it is too high for me to reach. Don't want to disturb the birds, but I'll try to spot out more nests in my yard. Please share this blog post with your friends, and any bird lovers you know! Thanks for viewing! See you next time.