Friday, March 30, 2012

SDXC Cards in your EOS 7D (Video)

Remember the SDXC cards in your EOS 7D tutorial I posted a while back? (If you don't remember or you are new, you can view it here.) I made the tutorial into a Youtube video. I hope you enjoy it!

To use SDXC cards in your EOS camera, you need to format your exFAT SDXC card to FAT file system. To do this, either use the format option on your camera, or use the computer method. Make sure you back up all data on your SD card as formatting will delete everything. To format your SDXC card on your computer, follow these instructions:
1. Insert SD card into your computers SD card reader.
2. Open up My Computer.
3. Right click on your SD card and click format.
4. Choose the FAT option and let the computer finish formatting.

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