Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Taiwan (台湾) 2011 (Part 1)

Last year, I made my first visit to Taiwan, R.O.C. I was very busy after I got back and never got a chance to look through them and pick out the photos I'm going to post. I finally took out enough time to finish, so... Here they are! I did not take many photo there as the tropical weather made me very sick. I will be splitting them into a total of 8 parts. I hope you enjoy viewing them!


Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos or buy prints of any of the photos you see, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. To see my best Taiwan photos, use this link. To see all of my Taiwan photos from this trip, use this link.

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Today I will be posting the pictures I took with my cellphone, and begin some of the photos I took with my DSLR.

This is the presidential office. Yeah I remember! LOL I forgot a lot of the names... My Chinese sucks too, which is the other reason. 

Some sort of park. It was beautiful. Weird how they can open up such a place in such a crowded city.  

Water fountain.  

This was Zhong Shan Tang.

This is the Shilin Night Market. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Taipei. A lot of snacks and food. Also lot's of small souvenirs for sale.  

Another photo of the Shilin Night Market. I took photos with my phone because I can get a better view above everybody. XD It was very crowded.  

This was on the edge of Shilin Night Market. There are some arcade games and souvenirs for sale.  

This is the Ding Tai Feng Restaurant (鼎泰丰) in Taipei. It is one of the famous tourist attractions, famous for their Xiao Long Bao (小笼包). They also have stores in mainland China.

The Xiao Long Bao figurine. LOL Anyways, I'd say the place is over-rated. The food in some of the less popular stores actually tasted better. If you are a foreigner with no idea how to speak Chinese, you are probably better off here. The waiters and waitresses can speak English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and maybe some other languages.  

The tall building is Taipei 101 (台北 101). It is one of the world's tallest buildings.  

Taipei 101 at night. 

Taipei 101 at night. 

One of the underground malls in Taipei.  

Giant hermit crabs! These were a lot bigger than the ones I've seen in the US.

The store had tiny ones on the left, and the big ones on the right. I've never seen the big ones in the US before. That is why I took a picture.

That is all of my cell phone photos. The rest of the photos and the ones in the days to come is taken with my DSLR.  

This is Zhong Shan Tang. Good thing I got a picture of the name. XD 

That says Zhong Shan Tang (read from left to right). Good thing I got a photo of the name.  

Outside of Zhong Shan Tang 

It says Zhong Shan Tang on the building. Since it is an old building, the text is read from right to left.  

Another photo of Zhong Shan Tang.

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