Monday, November 5, 2012

Vanguard Uprise 43 Zoom Expandable Sling Camera Bag Review

Backpack reviews are a bit hard to do in text, which is why I made a video on it, but I will do my best to do a summary in text for you guys. :) The Vanguard Uprise 43 Zoom Expandable Sling Camera Bag is a great backpack for your photography equipment. It features several large storage areas with adequate padding to minimize the chance of damage to your equipment, and a door providing easy and quick access to your camera on the go. Caught out in the rain? No problem! This Vanguard backpack comes with a rain cover in a dedicated storage pocket to help prevent water damage to your gear! I have used this backpack for about a year now and it has never failed me, however it is starting to get a bit small on me as I get more camera equipment. As you can see in the video, I have quite a lot of things I wish to bring along, but most beginner photographers will definitely not have that much equipment. It is a great bag, don't get the wrong idea here, and I recommend it to all photographers who have a medium amount of equipment. It is a great starting backpack for beginner photographers! 

Main Features:
  • Bright neon orange backing contrasts great against photography equipment.
  • Built in rain cover to help protect against water damage.
  • Quick access door to quickly access your camera.
  • Camera compartment have customizable Velcro dividers. 
  • Backpack can be expanded just slightly.
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