Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday Deals Week Begins!

Black Friday Deals Week has begun on Amazon guys and I have the link to the deals page for you guys! Happy shopping! Amazon have the best deals ever! Last year I got a camera bag and memory card for 50% off! What a deal! :) So please enjoy your chance to shop for cheap products! The Amazon deals will last for 1 week starting from now. How exciting?

Here are some tips I have for you on getting the deals.
  • Go to the deals page. You can do so with this link
  • First look at the active offers and see if there is anything you want. If you want it, and the deal isn't all used up, add it to your cart! Even if you kind of want to product, do it anyways, you can remove it from your cart later. 
  • Once you are done with the active offers, look at the upcoming offers and see if there is anything you want. Do all the research on the product before the deal becomes active!
  • Once you pick out what you want on the upcoming deals, I suggest you refresh your browser 5 minutes before the deal starts as the timer on the page could have lagged a bit. Then 1 minute before it begins, refresh again, and then once the add to cart button pops out, click it! 
The offers will be gone very fast, so make sure you are fast on a non-laggy computer! :P That is all the tips I have for you. Hope you have enjoyed it, and please use my link! It helps with costs of running this blog!