Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arroyo Del Valle Trail - Pleasanton, CA

Today I have several  photos I took on Arroyo Del Valle Trail in Pleasanton, CA. If you follow me on my blog posts, you probably know by now that Arroyo Del Valle is a walking trail near my house and I go walking there often to take photos and exercise. There are many wildlife and flowers on the trail, so I sometimes bring my camera for some photos. I hope you enjoy viewing these photos.

Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos or buy prints of any of the photos you see, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. To see my best photos of Pleasanton in 2013, use this link. To see all of my photos from Pleasanton in 2013, use this link.

I saw some flowers so I stopped and switched over to my macro gear which is my Kenko Extension Tubes and my Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT.  

Bees collecting pollen.  

 Another few macro shots of the flower. 

Afterwards, I switched out of my macro gear using only my Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens. I shot these flower photos and the rest of the photos with this set up.  

I thought the grass made some great photos so I took 2 shots.  

 More flower photos.

Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis

One Lone Flower. I thought this would make a great moody image so I took a shot. Reminds me of that Bleach song called "Ichirin no Hana" by High and Mighty color. The song name is Japanese for One Lone Flower.

American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis)

Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis)  

Another flower.

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