Sunday, July 28, 2013

My First Fan Mail!

I would like to share photos with you guys of my first fan mail! I actually got this from one of my Google+ followers several month ago on 3/1/2013, but never found a good time to put it up. I figured this would be a great time now to post it up so here it is! Both photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

So pretty much she lives in Sabah, Malaysia and it was suppose to get here by Chinese New Year, but you know what US Customs is like. XD So it got here a bit late. Also Sunny is a nickname I sometimes use online which is why it says Sunny.

Here is what the letter says:
Dearest Sunny,
Nice to meet you and have you in my circle. We are same race but live in different country. Lol. You take care at USA, and don't for get 华语 [Mandarin, I can read some Chinese], because it is our mother tongue to communicate each other. Keep up the good work in photograph. :) 
[My parents read me this part but I forgot what it says.] 
Tzu Fung
Sabah, Malaysia.
This is all I wanted to show you guys today. :) Thank you Tzu Fung! If you have not followed me on my personal Google+ yet, you can do so here. Over 10K+ (at the time of writing this) have followed me there. On my personal Google+, I usually share photos before they end up on this blog and get its own blog post. If you are interested, definitely follow me. :)

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