Monday, December 23, 2013

China Vlog (Part 3) - Tissue With Expiration, Smog Clears, Suzhou (Tong Li, Tiger Hill)

Here is part 3 of my China Vlogs. I took a trip to China and decided to document segments of my trip for my fellow followers.

In this vlog, you will get to:
  • See Tiger Hill (虎丘) in Suzhou
  • See the historical district of Suzhou
  • Rant on the old town demolishing project
  • Smog clears up and I see the sun for the first time
  • See Tong Li (同里) in Suzhou
  • I get offered a ¥10 portrait (LOL)
  • Downtown Suzhou
  • No honking signs and free government provided bikes
  • Tissue with expiration dates

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