Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Photos for Philippines Donations Made

Last month, I ran a Photos for Philippines Fundraiser on my photography portfolio. I promised $1 for every 3 orders. I also promised to make a bigger donation if the order was $50+. Last month I only got 2 orders (both under $50), however I did gain many many views on my portfolio because of this promotion. It isn't right for me to benefit off a natural disaster, so I still made a slight contribution.

Being only a college student, most of my photography equipment are from my parents. I personally don't have a lot of spending money, so $1 is quite a lot of money to me. I don't make much money either as I am focused on my studies right now, so unless you count my porfolio as a job, I don't really have one. In fact, I haven't made any profits so far from my portfolio. (I am around $120 behind) I hope you all can understand. I know most of you will think $1 is very little money, but to me this is quite a lot. I think even thought it is $1, it should go pretty far in helping out the victims of the disaster. While I worked very hard for this $1, the victims needs it more than me.

Best of luck to you all in the Philippines. I want to contribute more, but I just don't have the money to do so. So sorry, but I hope the $1 helps.

PS: My first name is blurred out on the email because the name on my Paypal account is my legal name, and I don't want to give it out to the public. 

Promotion Results:
Total Qualifying Sales: 2
Sales $50 - $99.99: 0
Sales $100 - $299.99: 0
Sales $300 and over: 0