Thursday, November 6, 2014

Autumn Foliage & Mushrooms (11-1-2014) - Pleasanton, CA

I recently went out shooting photos of autumn foliage in Pleasanton, CA. While on the trip, I also spotted some mushrooms which I also got a few photos of. The photos for today are shot in a residential neighborhood and in Hansen Park. Hope you enjoy the photos for this blog post. The photos for this blog post was shot on 11-1-2014.

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First off are some photos from the residential area. I liked this tree because it had an assortment of colors with all the green, yellow, orange, and red. 

A photo of a tree with yellow autumn foliage in the residential area. 

A photo of a tree with yellow and orange colored autumn foliage. This is still in the residential area but nearing  Hansen Park. 

Now I get to Hansen Park. The rest of the photos are shot there. Here is a tree with orange colored autumn foliage. 

Here is a tree with yellowish green autumn foliage. 

Another photo of trees with an assortment of autumn foliage colors. 

An autumn scenery shot of Hansen Park with clouds in the sky. 

Next I decided to get some shots of autumn leaf that has already fallen and landed on the grass below. 

I then noticed that some of the leaves wasn't leaves at all! These mushrooms blended in amazingly well! 

Slightly different angle on the mushrooms above. 

Here is another batch of mushrooms close to the one above. 

Another scenery shot of Hansen Park facing the basketball court. 

One last photo of a tree with autumn foliage. 

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