Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pleasanton Autumn Foliage (11-22-2014) - Part 2

I recently went out shooting photos of autumn foliage in Pleasanton, CA. The photos of my photo shoot are split into two blog posts. These photos were shot on 11-22-2014.

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Here is part 2 of the autumn foliage photos from this photo shoot. This is the rest of the photos from my photo shoot.

Message from the Photographer: Happy Thanksgiving! I don't have any turkey photos, so these autumn photos will have to do for the Thanksgiving theme. :) Have a good one everyone!

More residential scenery shots from Hansen Drive. Loved the clouds in the sky that day. 

A black and white process of the photo above.   

Decide to take a small risk shooting a photo in the middle of the street. This is shot down Hansen Drive. 

A photo of autumn leaves that fell onto the ground at Del Prado Park. 

A photo shot upwards of autumn leaves on a tree. Photo from along Hansen Drive. 

A black and white process of the photo above.   

Another in the middle of the street photo from Hansen Drive. 

Now at Hansen Park. Here is a photo shot of the autumn leaves on the ground. The sun was getting low on the horizon for this shot which is why there is a yellow cast through the photo. 

Another photo shot at Hansen Park (well a street that borders Hansen Park). 

This is probably one of the best photos I shot on this photo shoot. This is also shot at Hansen Park. 

A tree at Hansen Park that has already lost all of its leaves. 

A black and white process of the photo above.   

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