Saturday, November 22, 2014

Black Friday Deals Week 2014

Black Friday Deals Week has begun on Amazon and I have the link to the deals page for you guys! Happy shopping! Amazon has the best deals ever including photography and computer accessories during this time of year and best of all is no waiting in line, no camping out, and your merchandise is delivered right to your doorstep! So please enjoy your chance to shop for cheap merchandise without the risk of getting potentially trampled by other shoppers! I have already got quite some nice deals in these past few weeks from the Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week event such as a USB 3.0 Hub, a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and a USB car charger. All of those were pretty nice deals, and works great right now. I will most likely be getting more merchandise as more deals roll out. Amazon will be having many limited time deals on their Black Friday Deals Week and the stream of deals will end as they start Cyber Monday Deals Week after Thanksgiving.

If you wish to be updated with a daily deals list, please follow me on one of my social media sites. On my personal Google+, I will post a deal's round up everyday if I found anything photography, videography related, or if I find some other cool electronics products. On my main photography fan pages such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, I will only post if there are photography and videography related deals up.

And as always, please make sure that you use my link before adding anything to your cart! This way, you will be helping support my photography without having to spend extra. :) What happens is, once you click the link, Amazon will pay me a small commission for everything (with some exclusions) you buy in the next 24 hours. I participate in Amazon's Amazon Affiliate Program. The funds goes into helping support my photography such as paying for website storage and buying new equipment. Thank you very much for your support. Happy shopping!

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