Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Light My Fire 2.0 Army Swedish FireSteel Review (Video)

Are you as nature photographer? Do you head into the woods and wilderness a lot? Ever thought about what you will do if you ever get lost and can't find your way back? Hopefully such an event will never happen to you, but you should always be prepared in case something like this ever happens on your photo shoots. Not to mention, having one of these in hand during an emergency or natural disaster will allow you to start a fire relatively easily.

In this video, I show you, review, and demonstrate the Light My Fire 2.0 Army Swedish FireSteel, a compact fire starter. This is an okay fire starter for emergencies, but I would not go to this fire starter as my first choice of tools for fire starting. As mentioned in the video, I had much better luck with a Fresnel lens on a sunny day than with this.

As mentioned, the fire starting demonstration in this video was done in less than ideal conditions. The test was shot a day after a huge rain storm hit California. The air and ground was still pretty humid and wet, and so was the pine needles I used as a fuel source. I did some testing with it off camera several days back when it was dry outside, and the fire steel ignited shredded printer paper and shredded newspaper by themselves in under a minute.

Overall I would recommend you carry this inside your camera bag or bug out bag as a backup fire starter in case your main methods of fire starting (like a lighter) fails to work.

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Disclaimer: You try this at your own risk. The photographer can not be held accountable for any damages, injuries, or loss of life for trying the things you learn in the video. You are starting a fire. Please use your common sense. Unless you are in a survival situation, please have a bucket of water or fire extinguisher handy to put out the fire in case it gets out of hand.