Monday, May 25, 2015

Bypass Nexus 6 Data Tether Subscription Check (Video)

Have you tried to turn on your Nexus 6's portable hotspot feature, USB tether, or Bluetooth tether, but it won't turn on because you either don't have a tethering plan, your carrier wants you to purchase a new plan, or your carrier mis-programmed your SIM card? If you have this issue, when you try to turn on data tethering, it will show a notification saying connecting to your carrier, and then after a while it will either tell you your carrier has blocked tethering, it failed to connect to the carrier to check, or a window will pop up asking you to buy a new plan. This video will show you how to bypass the data tethering check on your Nexus 6.

  • Nexus 6 must be rooted.
  • Have File Manager (LINK) installed.
  • It is recommended you make a backup copy of your original "build.prop" file before proceeding in case you mess something up.
  • It is recommended you deselect the option that marks the system partition writable after you finish the modifications. 
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