Sunday, May 10, 2015

Worst eBay Seller Ever! (greatlength) - May 2015 Vlog

The video clips of this vlog was originally going in a long vlog I was planning on a Kawaii product haul I recently got, but I had such a bad experience with this seller, I decided to put it in a separate video!

Do not buy from the eBay seller "greatlength". If you get something defective from them or not match the description, this seller will go to "great length" to not refund you and go to "great length" to be a pain in the butt to you.

As mentioned and shown in the video, it is not my fault this item is low quality and defective. The seller even said it was probably a bad batch. You'd expect the seller to either offer a full refund or at least send a replacement, but no. This seller decided to try something new: Offer a partial refund with the excuse, because they had to pay for the postage. REALLY? That is your excuse? If you don't want to loose out on money, don't sell crappy products like this. Now they want me to return the items, which cost less than $2 total, from the US back to China. I don't get the logic. They have to pay for the shipping obviously, and it will be at least 5x the cost of of the product itself. Not only are they wasting my time, they are wasting their money.


I had to rant, I feel it is a disservice not to share this with the rest of the eBay community about this scam seller. Don't get ripped off, stay away from "greatlength".

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