Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Central Park Squirrels

Today's post will be dedicated to the cute little squirrels from Central Park. I got too many animal photos so I will separate them a little bit. :) The rest of the animals will come on the next blog post. Central Park is in Fremont, CA. If you want to see the other animals there, check out this post.

今天我会放一些我拍的松鼠照片。这些照片是在 Central Park 拍的。下一次我会放一些别的动物的照片。

Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos or buy prints of any of the photos you see, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. To see my best squirrel photos from 2011, use this link. To see my best Central Park photos of 2011, use this link. To see all of my Central Park photos of 2011, use this link.

Okay, you guys are probably wondering how I got such close up shots... Keep looking down and you'll see. XD The squirrels at the park are so nice and so cute! ^_^

Okay, you guessed right. I offered the squirrels crackers. :P I know the signs at the park say don't feed the animals, but really who ever reads them... Everyone feeds them... The squirrels there aren't afraid of people at all. I even got to pet a few of them before. :D It's fun. :P And yes, the squirrels are really really fat... So many people feed them. LOL

Nom nom nom... Yummy....

2 chubby little squirrels. :P 

I think he's trying to say "My Cracker". HAHA 

Hmm... What's this on the ground... 

Yummy! A peanut! :P

I wonder what it is eating... 

The squirrel's all like WHAT YOU LOOKING AT?! HAHA 

I actually meant to post this picture on my next post but accidently uploaded it. If you look in the background you can see little ducklings. :D Aren't they cute? ^_^ I got more coming next time! Oh yeah these pictures were taken back in March... Sorry about that, I got busy doing other stuff... As I mentioned in my previous posts.

Next time, okay the baby duckling pictures may not be in the next blog post but the ones after that. I'll see how to plan it. I accidentally got those pictures mixed up with my Taiwan pictures. So... Might take a while for me to sort those out. Next time, I got pictures of ducks, birds, and geese. Stay tuned!