Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quarry Lake Flowers

So guys it has been a while since I posted. To be honest, I moved, and well was too lazy to set up the computer I use to do my photos. HAHA Well the computer I use is filled with viruses and stuff and is very slow. The hardware is also a bit out of date. So I've been using my other computer and I've also been busy with other stuff around my  new house. Well I'm back. Well keep looking down, I don't want to put such a huge amount of text on the top. HAHA I think it looks bad...

Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos or buy prints of any of the photos you see, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. To see my best Quarry Lakes photos, use this link. To see my best flower photos use this link. To see all of my 2011 Quarry Lakes photos, use this link.

Well as I said before I  probably won't know all the names of the flowers I posted here. If you know the name, comment below. Help is always appreciated. :)

 Alright, no clue what this is. LOL There are some Califronia Poppies in the background. :)

Well part of the reason... So recently an old classmate of mine, she some how found my blog and then found me on Facebook. She emailed me saying I take great photos, but she couldn't really find how to comment on my blog... Well let me show you. HAHA She wanted to remain anonymous so no names.

"I didn't know where to comment about your pictures since I'm a little confused about the entire layout... LOL. But anyways if you're serious about photography try thinking up of new composition styles. Try new things and use the lighting to your advantage. You should try leaving some of the photos untouched because you never know the true beauty behind the nature of it. I leave all my photos natural, and it helps you improve your skills. Try getting the main focus of the picture out of the center. Most of your pictures with the animals in it are too centered (in my opinion, no offense!) look up the rule of thirds. I hope I don't come off as too rude or anything, I've been trying to think of ways to not sound mean when I write this D:. I don't mean your pictures suck please get that LOLOL. Keep taking pictures, practice makes perfect... haha what type of camera do you own? birds in flight can get annoying sometimes, but it's fun to take pictures of! i don't really remember you that much, but i... couldn't be too sure. but yeah, you're photography is really good though, i like your panoramics of landscapes. they're really nice." There is more to this story... :)

As I said above, I have no clue what these flowers are called.

Anyways thanks, you know how you are. :) Thanks for the tips too. At the time of writing I use an Olympus E-510 and my Nokia N97, it's got a fairly good lens on it. Well I know it has been months to all you who view my blog. My classmate's comment was part of the reason why I'm posting again. Anyways about the commenting system on my blog, you have into the blog post itself (click on the title) and you will find a Disqus commenting system on the bottom. I've enabled Guest commenting so you don't need to register. I love positive comments and tips! I really hate this stupid slow computer and I'm also short USB ports LOL, but um... let's move on to the Quarry Lakes pictures. :) I got a lot of flower pictures from back in March (WOW! I just noticed how long I've been gone. Sorry!). Quarry Lakes is an East Bay Regional Park located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

These are California Poppies.

I think these are Yellow bush lupine (Lupinus arboreus)


I think these are Yellow bush lupine (Lupinus arboreus)

Same as above

California Poppies!

More California Poppies.

No idea what that is...

I think this one is called the Wind Poppy. Not sure.

Landscape shot of Quarry Lakes.

Some sort of spiky nut thing. I've always wondered what it was. Anyone got a clue?

I got no clue what flower this is.

Really tiny plants on the ground. :D They look cool all blown up doesn't it? Macro photography is fun. :D

These flowers are really tiny. Don't let the picture fool ya. :P

These are Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis)

Landscape shot of Quarry Lakes.

Sure feels nice to blog again. :) Anyways that's all for this time. Next time I got photos of squirrels, birds, and ducks from Fremont Central Park. So check back soon! Also, I actually went to Taiwan recently. You won't believe how hot it was there. :/ I felt so sick when I was there, but I still took a lot of pretty pictures. I still need to get the photos out of my camera/phone and pick out the pictures I'm going to post. So... Yeah! See you guys next time! Don't forget to help me out with the flower names and leave some positive comments for me!