Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mega Low Tide at Half Moon Bay (Preview)

Several times a year, Half Moon Bay in California has it's mega low tide day. During the mega low tide, the ocean will retreats for a few miles, and land that is usually 5-10 feet under water becomes exposed. On 11-27-2011, it was one of the days. In following days, I will be showing you photos I've taken. Please come back and look!

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Today, I will be starting off with a panoramic of the hill on which an Air Traffic control tower is located. The place I was standing is usually underwater. Very rare photo! Please enjoy! You can click on the photos to see the full size. (Okay, for some reason Google keeps resizing my panoramic photo for me. If you want to get a full size view, ask for it in the comments below. Type your email in the email box, it won't be visible to anyone else except the mods. The photos are still copyrighted works of mine and may not be redistributed, printed, or used with out permission.)

Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos or buy prints of any of the photos you see, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. To see my best photos from this event, use this link. To see all of the photos from this event, use this link.

Photography Tip: Have you ever had a ruined panoramic shot? Here are some tips to prevent it!
  • Take your photos as fast as possible, usually panoramics don't work well with lakes and oceans because it moves.
  • Use your camera vertically. This way, you will get more of the subject in your picture, you are going to take multiple pictures anyways, more or less...
  • Use aperture priority, and close up your aperture (higher f-stop number). This will put more of the view in focus.
  • Use a tripod and level your camera.
  • Pick a good exposure for the entire shot and use the exposure lock button on your camera and do that the whole time you take the pictures for your panoramic.
  • A software like Microsoft ICE can be used to stitch your photos together. I usually use that.
If you do all that, your panoramic shots should look a lot better!

Here is a preview of some of the little critters I saw. I will show more pictures of them in the following days, but photos from this blog post will not be reposted. So please take a good look at them! I usually start from the beginning, but I'm still in the process of picking out photos to post up. I was in a hurry to get some of the photos up so, here is the preview! :D Also, don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook. You can find a Facebook box on the top of the right sidebar. :)

These little critters were hiding under rocks! Very easy to spot and there were lot's of them. They were very small. Babies? Maybe.

A little boy showing a eel he's caught. Very cool! They were very slippery and hard to catch. I didn't try, because I didn't want to get my brand new camera dirty. Did I tell you I got a new Canon EOS 7D? Yes! I upgraded my DSLR. 

I star fish stuck to a rock. How often do you get to see that? It was a really great experience.

So how was it? I would say, best experience of my life! Not only did I get a lot of great photos, but I got to stand in places where it is usually underwater. This only happens several times a year! There were way over 10,000 people there yesterday! Almost all my photos got people in them. XD 

Anyways, I did upgrade my camera to a Canon EOS 7D, mainly because my old camera is dying on me. (It keeps rebooting when I try to use the LCD) I have to say, best camera I've ever used. I'm not even using the "L model" lenses and I see a big difference. I got an 18 to 55mm lens and a 70 to 300mm USM lens. I also got a deal on Amazon. They gave me a $200 discount on my lens for bundling it with a camera. What a great deal? Too bad it's over. HAHA Anyways, none of the photos I posted today was touched up! You're looking at the original!

Well anyways, keep checking back for great photos! :) I'll be posting tomorrow, hopefully! I'm still not done picking out from my 800 photos. That's why I did a preview. Normally I'd start from the very beginning, but I'm pretty sure lot's of people would want to see this, so enjoy! Don't forget to share the blog post with your friends!

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