Sunday, December 11, 2011

Squirrels on Pleasanton Trail (Part 1)

If you read my blog a lot you probably notice I post a lot of Pleasanton Trail photos. This is because the Pleasanton Trail is very close to my house and I take walks over there everyday. There are lot's of squirrels on the trail probably due to all the blackberry bushes and the walnut trees there. When you walk on the trail, generally you will see a bunch of them eating walnuts. I took a total of 13 photos of them and will split them into 2 blog posts. The Pleasanton Trail as the name says is located in Pleasanton, California.

If you missed my blog post last time on the Red-tailed hawk I saw on Pleasanton Trail, you can see it here.

Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos or buy prints of any of the photos you see, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. To see my best photos of Pleasanton in 2011, use this link. To see my best photos of squirrels from 2011, use this link. To see all of my photos from Pleasanton in 2011, use this link.

Part: 1 | 2

So today, I will post a total of 6 photos of squirrels I saw there. Also, none of the photos were touched up. They are the original photo. I cropped them down a bit for some of them though.

I think this is the best squirrel photo I have ever taken. Isn't it cute. ^_^

Okay, I'm going to say this and if you know the answer, please tell me. So at first I thought the squirrel was probably taking a midday nap, but its eyes were open. So I went up to like 8 feet in front of it and waved. It did nothing. Then I moved in closer to about 5 feet, it just lifted its head up just a little, then put it down again and looked it it went back to sleep? But it had its eyes open still... This also happened with another squirrel. Usually the squirrels on the trail runs when you get closer than 8 feet. Well if you can guess the reason, tell me in the comments below. Also nice photo right? LOL

It's all like where you come from? HAHA

Look at it scratching itself... I was surprised I actually got a shot of it doing that.

 This photo makes the squirrel look like an acrobat.

 Squirrel standing on walnut tree eating a walnut. Lot's of walnut trees...

So yeah, like I said above. Tomorrow's post will also be squirrels. So check back. Also, please leave me some comments below if you liked the photos! Make sure you share the blog post with your friends too! Thanks for looking.

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