Thursday, January 22, 2015

CES 2015 - Las Vegas, NV (Part 4)

I went to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV this year! There was so much cool electronic gadgets to see. I went on the last two days of the convention (Thursday and Friday). I obviously didn't get through all of the exhibits. I got so carried away looking and playing with the cool electronics, that I forgot to vlog and take photos for a lot of the stuff at the convention. Even with that, I still have a pretty good collection of shots to show you that I took at the convention. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos. The photos will be split into four blog posts. If you haven't watched my vlog yet, you can do so here. In the vlog, you can see some of the products in the photos here in action. Obviously, I can't animate a photo! :)

Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos of any of the photos here, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. To view my best CES 2015 photos, use this link. To see all of my CES 2015 photos, use this link.

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Here is part 4 of the photos from the event. Coming up in this blog post: robotics, toys, and much more!

This is Ollie by Sphero. This is this rugged robotic toy that you can control with a tablet or phone and it can roll around on the ground and do tricks. I took a photo of it because I saw video of it on Youtube before and it looked really cool. 

More robotic pet creations. These are dinosaurs and they do move around. 

This is the New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer. 

Prototype quadcopter model printed using a 3D printer. 

A photo of the Prusa i3 3D printer working. 

This is called Eve and is made by a company called Elgato. The company is making home sensors to detect open windows, weather conditions, etc...

A photo of a Lamborghini. 

A black and white process of the photo above. 

Here is a live demo from Mash.Me animation technology. They have a person demoing the technology on the right, with mirrored movements on the on-screen animation on the left. 

An app development company IceBreakerQ which according to their online website is an app to help you find people with similar interests. I thought it was a nice costume, so I took a photo. 

This is a product called Ring made by Logbar. It is a small electronic ring with a motion sensor. It connects to your phone, so you can be in control of a variety of things (lights at home, TVs, curtains, etc...) with a wave of your finger. 

A few photos of Toshiba's communication Android. The humanoid robot has lots of pneumatics and motors inside to mimic human movements and emotions very closely. 

This humanoid robot is still in pretty early stages of development. The robot shown here does not interact with the public, does not have artificial intelligence, and only performs a pre-programmed speech. 

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