Thursday, January 1, 2015

Southern California Vlog - USS Midway, Highway 1, Santa Monica Beach, Coronado Island

I recently took a road trip to to SoCal! Here just showing you parts of my vacation. I decided to document little bits of my trip for my followers to see.

In this vlog, you will get to see:
  • Drive down Highway 1 (SR-1)
  • The Bixby Creek Bridge and lots of views from California's coast
  • Santa Monica Pier and State Beach
  • USS Midway Museum (and a small rant on a shocking experience I had with the public restroom there...)
  • Sunset in San Diego
  • Sunset from the Coronado Bridge
  • Dusk from Coronado Island
Link to the blog posts.

I was very hesitant about posting that little rant I had on the restrooms there because I know there are a lot of haters out here, but I decided I will. Other transgender individuals face the same hardships I do on a daily basis and I just want to show my support. I know how confused I was at the beginning, how lonely I felt, and feeling I was the only one with such feelings. I am posting this partially in hopes to get more people to come out and for more people to stop living in fear. I believe a lot of the hatred toward the group has to do with misunderstandings or having no understanding toward the LGBTQ community, so I wanted to just share a tiny bit of my personal experiences to get more people to try to understand. I want to put my follower base to good use. To help spread the word. This has been one of my goals all along. It wasn't completely about photography since the beginning. :) This is the Civil Rights Movement of this generation and I feel it is my responsibility to take part. I believe very strongly one day, we will have equal rights, and such discrimination will be abolished like with slavery and segregation! Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Warning: Any anti-LGBTQ comments will be removed and you will be banned from commenting on my videos. You've been warned! I am sick and tired of idiots that do things like this.

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