Thursday, November 14, 2013

My new portfolio is now LIVE! (Opening Promotion + Haiyan Relief Fund)

That is right guys! I have spent the last 2 weeks vigorously designing my new portfolio and you can now view it live here. I have of course gotten my own domain name and called it something very easy to remember:

So why am I making this change? In the past, as I get more popular and popular here on this blog and on Google+, people have asked if they can get prints of my work. In the past, I've always have to turn them down because I have no way of having them purchase prints. However with my new portfolio up, you can!

Also as a new website opening promotion, all prints have been priced low (up to 20% off, no codes required). If there is something that you want to hang up on your wall, now is the time to get it! I plan on running this promotion for approximately one month. If I make good sales this first month, I may extend the promotion. :)

If you have been a long follower on my blog, you probably know that I am a college student. I don't have much money for new photo gear. Next month, I am taking a trip back to China, to see relatives, and get some shots of Asia which many of my North American followers have never visited before. I am in need of some new memory cards, rechargeable batteries, etc. If you would like to help fund for part of the trip, great idea to take part of that promo right now! Not only will you get a professional quality print from Bay Photo, you will be helping fund for my trip so I can bring you guys back more amazing photos!

Also to help out the natural disaster in the Philippines, I will also be donating money via Amazon to the Haiyan Relief Fund of the American Red Cross. How much I donate is directly based on my sales. I will donate $1 for every 3 orders I get (excludes digital downloads) that is successful. I will also be donating additional $$ if orders reach a certain amount. All details about both promotions is available here. If you wish to donate directly, you can do so via Amazon here.

Nothing much is going to change for my blog. I will continue blogging about my trips. However on each post, I will give you links (if I remember) to the galleries on my portfolio so you can see images in higher resolution or full resolution. That is one good thing about Smugmug. They allow me to share my photos in full resolution. This is free for you to use. I don't charge you for viewing my photos at full resolution. Also, my blog now has its own URL ( Don't worry, my old URL still works. It will just redirect you to the correct page on my new URL.

That is pretty much it. I told you about the changes to my blog, the promotion, and gave the link to my new portfolio. I hope you enjoy. Also this means that I will be posting up more photos on my social network pages (which I have already rebranded). So if you wish, please don't forget to "Like" me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter and Google+

P.S. If prints isn't your thing, you can always support me by doing your holiday shopping on Amazon by using my link. Amazon will pay me a small commission for all purchases you make within 24 hours after you click that link. Just make sure you do that before adding anything to your cart. :) Here is the link. (The photographer is a participant of the Amazon Associates Program)