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Yosemite National Park/Mono Lake (Part 1)

Yosemite National Park is a national park located in California that stretches eastern portions of Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera counties in the central eastern portion of California and covers around 761,268 acres or 3,080.74 km² of land. Yosemite National Park is best known for its waterfalls, deep valleys, grand meadows, giant sequoias, giant wilderness area, and much more. Mono Lake, a salt lake east of Yosemite National Park that is located in Mono County, California, covers a total of 45,133 acres or 182.65 km². The lake is famous for its high salt content and its tufa formations. I have visited both of those areas and are here to show you some of the photos I took at these two places along with some other photos I have taken along the route. These photos will be divided over several blog posts. I hope you enjoy the photos! If you would like to get notifications when I do post, you can Like/Follow me on the following fan pages: FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

Full Resolution Photos and Prints: If you want to see full resolution photos or buy prints of any of the photos you see, they are up on my portfolio for viewing. To view my best Yosemite National Park photos from 2012, use this link. To view all of my photos from Yosemite National Park photos from 2012, use this link.

Parts: Yosemite Falls Comparison | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | HDR Compositions | Panoramas

Message from the author: Fleet week is this week guys! I will be going to San Francisco this weekend to go see the Blue Angels fly. I will be taking lot's of photos there. :) I am so excited! I will show you guys the photos as soon as possible, which means I will be sandwiching those photos in between my Yosemite blog posts. Make sure you check back! 

Now let's introduce you to the photos for today. I took these photos on the way to Mono Lake (my first destination). I don't have the exact locations for these photos, and there wasn't really any names for the landmarks. I drove from the SF Bay Area to Mono Lake not crossing Yosemite. I first went onto Highway 108, and then switched over to Highway 395. The photos for today and the next few parts were taken at turnouts on one of those highways.

This was when I first entered the forest. Decided to take a rest. There were a small village with some restaurants and houses there.  

 Further up the mountain, there was a vista point with an overlook of a river. I decided to first take some photos of trees. 

Here is the overlook. Weird how the trees can grown in the rocks!  

Here is the river at the overlook. I had more photos from this vista point, but they didn't turn out that well. 

A bit more down hill, I saw a turn out for a stream. Since the stream was not that deep, I decided to take my tripod and camera into the river to take a photo. The water was very refreshing! It was slightly hot outside, and my feet got dirty from wearing flip flops, so the water did a good job cleaning my feet and also cooling me down. 

 The whole trip to Mono Lake was all up and down and up and down on the mountains. Here it is up on the mountains again. Took a photo of what I assume is a rocky peak. 

Saw a turnout that was next to a giant meadow. I think this was on the side of Highway 108 because according to my photos, I didn't cross Sonora Pass yet. I went down to take some panoramic shots and some wide angle shots of the place and to see what the area has to offer. Loved the open land! Didn't see any animals though. It was extremely quiet and peaceful in the great outdoors! The only thing I heard was a hawk chirping off in the distance. I will post the panoramic photos later. If you want to check if I have posted them or not, see if you see a "Panoramic Shots" in my Parts links at the beginning of the post. I plan on posting them at the very end when I have exhausted the rest of my my Yosemite photos. 

Not too sure what type of flower this is.
At the open meadow, I saw some flowers on the ground. I decided to take some close up photos. Took me quite some time as I had trouble hand holding the shots, so I had to use a tripod. I did not have a flash yet at that time, and there was a light breeze going at that time. Did not work too well for me. Wasted a lot of shots. HAHA 

Another flower in the meadow. Not sure what it's called.  

 Not sure what this is either.

This begins my photos at Sonora Pass and the entrance into the Toiyabe National Forest. The elevation at which these photos were taken is 9624 feet. I know this because I took a photo of the sign. XD Great tip to remember. You can also add a GPS device or get a GPS logger, but I find taking a photo of the signs in the area to be good enough. I sometimes forget like I did for the photos above, but that's just me. HAHA Bad memory, plus I sometimes get lazy.

The view at the top of the mountain was amazing. Again, very peaceful except a few birds squawking. Took photos of them after I spotted them. Got some wide angle shots at this location and one panorama! I will post the panoramic photos later. If you want to check if I have posted them or not, see if you see a "Panoramic Shots" in my Parts links at the beginning of the post. I plan on posting them at the very end when I have exhausted the rest of my my Yosemite photos. 

Here are the birds I heard squawking.  

The birds were too high up in the trees and too far away for me to get a clear shot. Can't see enough details to know what bird this is.  

This is all the photos I have for today! I hope you have enjoyed them. If you can help me out with the names of the flowers or birds, please leave me a comment below! Please don't forget to share my blog posts with your friends! If you would like to get notifications next time I post, you can "Like" me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter and Google+. These links can also be found on the top of the right sidebar.

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